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Do you ever wish you had a personal assistant to keep your life organized?

Make your wish come true with HandlAH. Let HandlAH organize and secure your life for you!.


About Handlah

helping the world to grow

A place where you can store all your important information to keep your life on track. We can track both personal and business information with one login.






Hands-free connection without handshakes or giving out your personal information? Handl-AH does it all for you!

All you need to do is offer your “Handl-AH Handle” name in Handl- AH and the connection can be made at any level you want.


Business and Personal Handl-AH Handle’s

You will always have control of all your information

You decide what you would like share with someone with one click

You can shut down a connection with one click.


It’s so simple — you decide what information to share and we will handle everything else, so no one has access to any of your private information except for what you want them to see.
  • • It’s an easy way to store all your various account information in one place.
  • • Get help finding friends on major social media platforms without sharing any personal information.
  • • Get rid of that annoying anxiety that comes with giving out your number when you don’t know someone.
  • • You can free up space and energy by keeping track of your information in Handl-AH instead of on paper or in your mind.

A Secured Place where you can track all your key information to keep your life on track.


one login. one dashboard.
one big sigh of relief.

Data Protection

We don’t cut corners When its comes to security

• Your information is very important to you which means it is very important to us.

• We will not cut corners on securing your data and keeping it safe. Our multi-level security puts you at ease.

• Each time you login you will need to enter the Security Code from your phone and that is after you have your username and password correct.

• You will also be notified when an account you share with others is viewed

Our Services

Do you feel you have it?


Let Handl-AH handle all your life information in one area so that you can clear your brain of nuisances and accomplish all your goals in life!

Social Media Organizer

NO MORE SAYING “MY TWITTER IS “x”, MY FACEBOOK IS “x”, FOLLOW ME ON TIK TOK AT “x”. All you do is say my “Handl-AH Handle name is “________”.

  1. 1.Each user chooses a HandlAH name which is called your “Handle”
  2. 2. You add all your Social Media links
  3. 3.If you are asking someone to follow you, all you must give is your “Handl-AH Handle”. When you receive the invite from the other user, YOU decide the “Connection Level” you want to be connected
  4. 4.If you send an invite, the receiver of the invite will decide what “Connection Level” you will be connected to

Expense Relationship Organizer

Keep track of all your expenses — Cell Phone, Heat, Electricity, Auto Loans, Car Insurance, and more!

Connect your Personal and/or Business items to your family, spouse, or partner that you need to share it with

Examples: If a family member needs the insurance number for a medical appointment, you can link it to their “Handl-AH Handle” which will give them access to view it.

Asset Organizer

Keep track of all your assets (Properties, Cars, Leases, and more)

Connect your Personal / Business items to your family, spouse, or partner that you need to share it with

    Examples :
  • • If your family needs the insurance number for medical, you can link it to their "Handl-AH Handle" which will give them access to view it.
  • • If your IT dept. sets up a new password for the network and you are linked it will share it with you.
Contact Organizer

Keep track of all your vendors related to your house and/or business

  • • Preferred Electric is our electrician
  • • Our outsource IT is OnPoint, and main contact is Rageen.
  • • Landscaper business is Joe’s Landscaping.

Our Mission


Is to solve today's issues to make a less stressful future! Everyone always thinks they are the only one running a marathon everyday. Reality Check!!!! Everyone is running their own marathon. Feeling this way causes a lot of stress on the body physically. If we can offer a tool like Handlah that frees up your time and most of all eliminates some stress from one person's life we are doing our part.


We realized within our organization alone there is so much information everyone needs to remember. We thought it would be nice to have it all in one place and that you can share. “Yes”, Handl-AH was invented!

A user starts with registering on the site.

  • Select a “Handl-AH Handle” name they would like to be recognized by
  • Set up your social media sites links if you have any
  • Set up the level of connection you would like to connect with others on. IE: Professional, Family, Friends for your social media sites

Other customization options you can include

  • put in all your assets that you are attached to along with the information
  • put in all your expenses you owe to organizations (personal and\or business) just like if you put them in excel or on paper in your desk
  • you can set up all your connections to vendors\contacts just in case you need the information (Health Insurance, Auto Mechanic, Doctor, and so on)
  • Also, if you get nervous about losing all your URL \ Bookmarks\Shortcuts to websites you can store those too

Now that you are set up with all your detail, you might need to share some information with other people in your personal life or business. IE, if you need to share your Health Insurance number with other family members you can do so by one click.

Having your important detail in a central location where you can keep it updated. At anytime you can share your information with another Handlah user with one click. No longer needing to try to track down information you need to function in the busy world. Visualize it like you are looking at the strongest, most secured file cabinet you can find. Then simply keeping the file cabinet always updated, and best all the file cabinet being with you no matter where you are on earth and in space.

Yes, if you want to share information with them. If you want to control what social media connections, you want them to connect with you on (By the way you can always change connection levels with people which includes deleting and blocking).

Yes, please see pricing page. It is free for the first 90 days so you can see if you want to keep it before you start paying the minimal charge for data storage and support.

Not to use for the first 90 days. If you decide to keep using it then you will be required to enter in a credit \ debit card.

Yes, we use secondary confirmation each time you access the system. The data inside the database is all encrypted.

No, the encryption is done right when you save the form. The only time the data is decrypted is when you request to view it by receiving a code on your phone to enter into the site just for that one-time view. You would have to do this each time you want to review encrypted data.

Yes, you can delete your data and we will remove your billing at the end of the current month of termination.

No, you must have a connection with that Handl-AH Handle to share data.

Yes, You will always oversee your data.

No, they cannot

Yes, this could be the site that a person with power of attorney or family members could come when the time is needed to know all about their personal details, Lawyer, Wills, Accountant, Bills, Property, Banks, Medical, Medicine and the list goes on and on. What a relief to know that when you need the information it’s all in one place.

Yes, As simple as that.

Yes, all the items that are listed on the site is for personal level and\or business level

Yes, We want to keep you secured and only connect to people you share your Handl-AH Handle with.

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